Bliss-Go-Pack-ReviewToday we review the Bliss Go Pack. Our Bliss Go Pack review contains the facts, cost, and much more. The Bliss Go Pack by is a fat burning stack. Women, I’m happy to say, “The Bliss Go Pack weight loss stack is specially made for you.” As a woman you know your weight loss struggles as a woman. This is why the Bliss Go Pack was specially made for women and not for men because women are different.

The Bliss Go Pack includes Bliss, Thyro-Drive, & Opti-Core. These three products support each other to keep your metabolism in an optimal fat loss state so your weight loss goals are fulfilled. The Bliss Go Pack is hands down the best, most advanced, and balanced weight loss supplements on the market. A combination of a fat burner, metabolism booster, with sleep-enhancing ingredients that help you feel alert, alive and refreshed. Making you ready and eager to start your day.

The ingredients of the Bliss Go Pack are designed to work in synergy with one another to increase metabolism, reduce cravings, help control appetite, boost energy levels, reduce cortisol levels and even help you sleep better at night. All of these things combined make the Bliss Go Pack the ideal product to help speed up your weight loss program and get you what you’re looking for… RESULTS!

The Bliss Go Pack is different because it’s formulated with full efficacious doses of EACH and EVERY fat-burning and energy ingredient known and proven to be effective … all at FULL EFFICACIOUS DOSES. What this means for you is a product that annihilates stored body fat, eliminates cravings for junk and snacks, and elevates energy all day long with no crash. You’ll feel the difference from the very first time you take it!

An unbelievable offer you don’t see to often. 1st Phorm offers a 110% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied with their products.

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How do you take the Bliss Go Pack?

The Bliss and Thyro-Drive you will take twice a day at morning and mid-afternoon.
Take 1-2 pills of the Bliss (start with 1 pill and gradually work your way up to 2 pills per dose) along with 2 pills of ThyroDrive. The Thyro-Drive you can start right away at the full dose.
The Opti-Core portion of the Bliss Go Pack is taken about 45-60 minutes before you go to bed.

What are the ingredients of the Bliss Go Pack? What’s in it?

The ingredients of the Bliss Go Pack is comprised of several proprietary blends, broken down of into smaller groups of the ingredients in them.


Caffeine: Caffeine is well known for its ability to increase your resting metabolic rate, thereby increasing lipolysis of subcutaneous fat cells. Bliss doesn’t appear to use some watered down blend like many other supplements use either. It is only the highest quality Pure Anhydrous, USP grade caffeine that is used in Bliss.

Picamilon: A derivative of GABA that has been shown to increase mental focus and brain function.

Hordenine: Is an excitatory hormone that is lipolytic, so it releases lipids from fat cells to be used immediately as energy.

N-Methyl Tyramine: This regulates neurotransmitter levels in the human body to assist with fat loss, regulate glucose uptake, as well as elevate your mood.

Cocoa Extract: Naturally contains a small amount of caffeine along with larger amounts of theobromine, the chief metabolite of caffeine. Other plant chemicals naturally occurring in cocoa include phenylethylamine, which increases focus and attention span as well as tyramine whose chemical structure parallels the neurotransmitter hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Huperzine A: A phytonutrient that increases focus and improves that focussed feel we all know and love from Bliss.


Choline Bitartrate: Helps improve attention span, memory and overall brain function.

DMAE: Increases alertness, focus and mental clarity.

Sulbutiamine: Improves metabolism of carbohydrates by increasing anaerobic function.

Bacopa Monniera (50% bacopasides): Has strong antioxidant properties that enhance focus and improves learning.

Beta Phenylethylamine HCL: Helps the brain release specific endorphins that create feelings of pleasure and well being.


Green Tea: Has been shown to increase the overall calories burned by increasing lipid oxidization. Green Tea Extract has both appetite suppressing as well as powerful antioxidant properties. The Green Tea used in Bliss is standardized at 45% EGCG, 75% catechins, 90% polyphenols – which is much stronger than the typical dose of Green Tea that many other products we’ve seen use.

Coleous Forskohli (20% Forskolin): Releases fatty acids into the bloodstream and targets the thyroid directly. The faster your thyroid runs, the faster your metabolism will be. Coleous Forskohli keeps your thyroid running at optimal levels to aid in weight loss.

Evodiamine: Helps raise the body’s core temperature and elevating metabolism and reducing fat uptake. The synergy of these effects leads to elevated energy levels and increased fat loss.

Cayenne Pepper: A powerful antioxidant that thins the blood and reduces cholesterol build-up within the blood vessels.

Taraxacum Officinale Powder: A very powerful diuretic to help prohibit the storage of excess water weight on the body and helps the kidneys and liver eliminate toxins from the body.

Synephrine: A natural herbal stimulant has been shown to bump up your metabolism as well as elevate your core body temperature to a higher level and stimulate specific cell receptors to break down fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Chlorogenic acid within Green Coffee Bean Extract helps the liver become more effective in processing the fatty acids, and when teamed up with caffeine has been shown in studies to reduce stored fat by as much as 25% over a period of 90 days.

Guarana Seed Extract: Has powerful cognitive effects such as increasing memory retention and physical endurance. In combination with other herbs it takes on additional thermic effects and proves to be helpful with weight management as well.

Diiodotyrosine: A direct precursor to the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 and directly stimulates the thyroid to increase your basal metabolic rate.


Damiana Powder: An herb used for centuries to increase energy levels and to treat the symptoms of low estrogen levels, hot flashes, mood swings and depression, as well as the symptoms of menopause. One extra bonus … damiana is a potent aphrodisiac for the female body.

Ashwagandha: This works within the female body to normalize hormone function. Female hormone regulation is key to weight loss as it helps manage the symptoms that stand in your way as well as give you an overall sense of well-being while you are making lifestyle adjustments. It also helps minimize water-retention and mood swings, and has been shown to positively impact the female sex drive.


Niacin (Niacinamide): Useful for balancing blood sugar levels as well as stimulating a healthy nervous system and regulating metabolism. having low levels of B-3 can cause you to have a slow metabolism.

B-6 (Pyrodoxine HCL): Responsible for many biological processes in the human body, notably efficient food metabolism.

B-12: This plays an important role in cell metabolism. By improving your metabolic pathways you’ll be able to reduce harmful adrenal fatigue often experienced while trying to lose weight.

Bliss Go Pack Samples: Do They Offer a Free Sample of the Bliss Go Pack?

Many companies offer a free sample of their product to get you to cough up a credit card number … only to bill you over and over again later. Bliss Go Pack is NOT like that. What they actually do is different and offer a 110% Money Back Guarantee. So instead of just sending a couple pills out, that won’t give you an idea of how the product works, they give you an entire 30 days to use the product and if you don’t get results, you get all of your money back, PLUS 10%. So there aren’t any free samples of the Bliss Go Pack, but you can Order at a discount with FREE SHIPPING here.

How can they do a guarantee that good? Easy … because they stand behind it. When you buy a Bliss Go Pack from 1st Phorm you get 5 hours of FREE online coaching with a Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Weight Loss Specialist. That trainer works with you one-on-one to help you work the Bliss Go Pack into your schedule and routine to get maximum results. Ours reviewed our schedule, meal plan, foods we liked and didn’t like, and a bunch of other stuff to create a custom Bliss Go Pack program just for us … and it was all FREE when we bought the Bliss Go Pack.

Bliss Go Pack Negative Reviews: What are the Complaints on the Bliss Go Pack?

We couldn’t come across too many complaints on the Bliss Go Pack, other than it is a little more expensive than some of the other products out there. I can see where that would be a negative thing. However, you also have to take into account that you are getting 3 different products that all work together. It might be a little more expensive, but the Bliss Go Pack actually works! With all the support they offer and the premium products that 1st Phorm makes, most people are getting amazing results on the Bliss Go Pack!

Take advantage of these great offers.

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110% Money Back Guarantee Review

1st Phorm stands behind all of their products 110%. They make the best and most effective products and they know they can! They understand when you buy a product that you expect it to work the way they say it will. And you expect to see the results that they promise. They hold their products to those same expectations for you too. They want you to get the results you’re looking for when you use a 1st Phorm product. They believe in who they are and what they do. If you ever feel like they don’t meet these expectations, they’ll gladly give your money back. So much so, they always offer you a 110% Money Back Guarantee on all their products.

Video Reviews

A few Reviews & Testimonial videos on the Bliss Go Pack.

Testimonials – Success Stories

Read a few Bliss Go Pack Testimonials – Success Stories

Wow! it works! 5-star-rating

Comes with three pill bottles. Two of them you take twice a day during the day and the other one you take at night. The one for nighttime definitely makes you sleepy so take it about an hour before bedtime. I am feeling full and satisfied throughout the day, while eating less and maintaining my current activity levels. Definitely have improved mood and focus! I work from home and spend a lot of time in front of my computer snacking, so this is helping me to curb those behaviors. Give this a try! great product with real results.

-Lila’s Mom

Bliss Go Pack 5-star-rating

I started talking this product the same day I received it. I have had more energy than I have had in a long while. And it’s a stedy energy that last all day. I wasn’t hungry throughout the day so it helps control your hunger and cravings. I loved the energy it gave me I could actually get more done. And we all could use more energy. It kept me focused threw out the day and that was a big plus. I was Ina better mood and my family could tell I was feeling great.
I had better sleep than I had had in a long time. And I always have trouble with sleep. Thyroids is a big part of my being over weight. And my sleeping problems but with this product it help me with not only loosing the weight but also with my sleep. I wish I had known about this product sooner.
-Kimberley Gilliam

I am super stoked! 5-star-rating

I am super stoked!! Not only is this an awesome product, but the customer support is dynamic. I’ve received several emails, to my many questions regarding, diet, workout ideas, etc. I’m very pleased with this purchase and the benefits so far are top notch.
-Stephanie B.

I noticed a huge difference within a couple days. 5-star-rating

I am only on day three of this process but so far I feel amazing. The first day of taking the pills I could tell a noticeable difference immediately. I had a ton more energy and I felt extremely happy. The work day went by so fast and I wasn’t extremely hungry like I usually am. I am able to have a small healthy lunch and stay satisfied for a long time. I don’t crazy junk food or sweets, I actually crave healthy food. The only hard part about this is remembering when to take the pills but once you get in a routine it will be easy. One night I didn’t sleep well (only 4 hours) and I felt fatigued and restless during the day so I recommend definitely getting the full eight hours of sleep especially after taking the cortisol pills at night.
I will keep everyone updated as my journey continues but I have already lost some weight and I am feeling really good about myself. I am drinking a ton of water because I know diet pills dehydrate people so I am trying to drink 100 ounces. And so far it is working.

Great Product and Support Staff 5-star-rating

Wow! What a metabolism booster!! I purchased this product with skepticism not knowing what to expect. Before my Bliss Go Pack even arrived, I had been able to reach out to their support staff and ensure I knew the best ways to get the most out of the product. I have been able to email their support staff that has helped me with not only the best times and meals options but also a daily workout plan! I have received more help from this company than I have ever received from my own gyms personal trainers. I have been very impressed.

I do have to admit I have had trouble remembering to take the pills from time to time. It is very hard for me to remember to pack the mid day pills for at work before lunch time. This can cause your results to change based on your dedication to taking the product. I do find I have my energy when taking the product. I took this product and increased my exercise program, started attending more Zumba classes and watched my diet. With an increase in water consumption I believe I was able to achieve high results in just 2 weeks of having the product. I have lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. When I see results it motivates me even more to push myself to achieve more.

If my review was helpful please remember to click the button to mark it as helpful! I hope you find this review helpful in your decision to make this purchase. This product and staff won’t disappoint you.
-Mrs jones

It works!! 5-star-rating

This kit comes with Bliss, THYRO-DRIVE and M-FACTOR. At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that came. However… as I went through the package and read all the helpful information cards I saw that it was as complicated as I thought at first.

I’m 45 years old and I am hoping to take off some weight that I had put on from not being able to do anything for quite a while due to a back injury…I am at least 40 lbs over weight. After trying many other diet programs and failing, I was intrigued by this product because it is developed to address female specific weight loss issues. Not only has my experience been more than I could have asked for, but I have more energy, I’m losing weight and I’m sleeping a lot better than before taking these products. I know that results will not come solely from taking these products….I am also watching my portions, cutting down on soda and making an effort to working out at least 3 days a week. I have already lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks. I am very pleased with the results I have so far…I can’t wait to see the long term results from using the Bliss Go Pack

So far, so good 4-star-rating

I ordered the Bliss pack and when it was arrived I was certainly impressed with its curb appeal. It comes very nicely packaged and with lots of fun inserts to help you out. They also emailed me multiple times giving me tips and asking if I had any questions.
Before starting the pack I read through all the materials and instructions. I found the “instruction card” extremely helpful. It specifically says which product to take and when, along with warnings of when NOT to take the specific formulas.
I found this extremely helpful because, as others stated they had experienced stomach issues and/or jitteriness. I didn’t experience any of those side effects at all (aside from what I note below) and I believe that instruction card was the key.
Because of other reviews, I started with only ONE capsule of the Bliss, with 2 capsules of the Thyro-Drive and I had NO stomach issues whatsoever. I also did not experience the jitteriness that others had described. The only time I did experience the jitteriness was when I took my ADD medication along with it, but on the card it says NOT to take the Bliss pack with any stimulants…so that was all my fault. The next day I didn’t take it with my ADD meds and I had no jitters. It also states to take this in a cycle of 5 days on, 2 days off.
So far, so good. I have certainly noticed a difference in my energy levels throughout the day.

Absolutely a must-have 5-star-rating

I purchased the Bliss Weight Loss stack from the 1stPhorm website, it came with Level 1 protein shake mix, opti-core, Bliss, thyro-drive and m-factor ( daily vitamin ). My product arrived in a timely manner, at 1st I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that came. However as I went thru the package, I found all of the helpful information cards and a letter from my consultant(which you get 5 hrs of 1 on 1 with each purchase) I sent Will an email stating what my goal was and within a short 5ime, I had an outlined goal to help me succeed. Day 1 I took my thyro-drive (2pills) bliss (1pill) and my m-factor, I followed it 30 mins later with my protein shake, I was energized, focused, and not craving sugar or junk food the whole morning, at lunch about 4 hrs later I repeated my morning routine and added a garden salad with grilled chicken, my day went smoothly, I wasn’t hungry or craving that 330 chocolate puck me up I normally do. I got home did my workout without becoming fatigued half way thru like I normally do. The best part was my 1st in a long time great nights sleep, I took 3 opti-core about 35-40 mins before bed, I fell asleep faster, stayed asleep the whole night, even my husband made the comment that I wasn’t tossing and turning all night like I normally do, I thought ok that was a fluke let’s see how it goes, I continued on this routine e for a whole week and I continued to see the same results as day 1. I have now been on bliss weight loss stack for 2 months and am very pleased to say I have lost a total of 16 lbs and will continue on this journey. THANK YOU 1stPhorm you have changed my life!!!! I have recommended this to several of my close friends cannot wait to see their results!!!!
-Lori Goette

Works if you work it 4-star-rating

The package over and over says there no magic pill. So the package some very very fast. I love the packaging and how nice it comes. They even sent a nice little note. They recommend that you drink over 100 ounces a water a day and even give you a resource for free nutritional counseling. Which is awesome. You take the two pills in the morning and then two pills in the afternoon. It can cause heart burn if you are the type of person who get heart burn from coffee or red bull. There is another pill that you take at night up to three. The night pills for love love love. They put my butt to sleep but don’t make me groggy. You take the pills 5 days on and two days off. So I use my durning the work week. I am on a Keto diet so I keep my carbs under 25, my fat at 80, my protein at 110 and my calories under 1500. So the diets damn tough. For me these pills push me through the grouchy bits, I watched people eat cake and did not cheat. I watched my coworker eat crap all week without being tempted. I only take one of each of the morning pill I don’t take two. I don’t feel jittery. I think you should avoid coffee (calories saved) to avoid being over stimulated. I feel like this pills make it easier to just plow through. For me it does help with craving. I have had a crappy crazy week at work and it usually end with a bad binge on food but not this time. I also do yoga around 5 x a week. I feel loved the boost of energy it gives but it doesn’t feel like it helps me in my work out like a BCAA does. I liked this little set so much. I would recommend this to anyone one who is already dieting and needs a little push to reach their goals. This is not for the fast food junkie watching tv expecting a miracle from the gods. It’s just one more tool.
-E. DelRio

Already working! 5-star-rating

I just this product so I haven’t been using it long but it is definitely suppressing my appetite and giving me more energy. I will write a follow-up review once I’ve taken it a little longer.
-Rachel Kuhn

Great weight loss boost! 5-star-rating

I got the bliss go pack to try to lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy. I really like it so far. Over the years I have used many products to give my weight loss a boost. I work out a lot and also try to eat well but being 35 has made it really hard to lose weight. Just adding this to my weight loss plan has been really helpful.

It gives me a great boost of energy but doesn’t make me feel jittery. I can be a little stimulant sensitive but this feels like good clean energy. It’s also picked up weight loss and made me loser a lot quicker than I would without it. I had been losing about 2 pounds a week, this week I lost 3 pounds so far and I still have a few more days to go. I will definitely recommend this to other people looking for a good weight loss boost.

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