Shredz Burner for Women

Shredz Fat Burner Today we review the Shredz Burner for Women. Our Burner for Women review contains the facts, cost, and much more. The Burner for Women is a thermogenic product designed specifically for women. Shredz advertises increased metabolism, craving control, and increased energy.

The feedback from our clients have been very mixed. A few women claim the Burner for Women was too strong and made them uncomfortable. On the other hand we’ve had clients love the quick pick me up. The one thing they all seemed to have in common was the crash. They all reported a “come down” if the afternoon dose wasn’t taken early enough. Also, our clients seem to enjoy the craving control.

The one red flag we saw is the dose. You can only fit so much of the listed ingredients into 2 capsules. Now, I cannot say for sure, but two capsules a day seems a little low.


On Shredz website the price is listed for $49.99.

110% Money Back Guarantee Review

We did not find a guarantee on the Shredz website.

Bottom Line

Due to the mixed feedback it is hard for us to recommend the Shredz Burner for Women. If Shredz offered a guarantee, it may be worth a shot.

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