Shred Jym Review

Shred Jym ReviewShred Jym is manufactured by JYM Supplement Science and is owned by Dr. Jym Stoppani. Right off the bat, I will say that since it is a exclusive product. It was a bit difficult to find reviews or information about the product …. other than on Our hope is, after testing the product, we can offer our unbiased opinion on Shred Jym so there is more information out there.

This product, like most other thermogenics is formulated to help with energy, appetite control, and weight loss. Shred Jym makes sure to highlight the fact that a serving is 2.75 grams of ingredients and one of the highest for a fat burner. They are right, it does have a large serving size with 1.5 grams coming from Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl which is in deed an efficacious dose. Now, the ingredient label is rounded out with just 5 other ingredients. We are very happy to see a product that uses efficacious dosages! Only downside is that for fat loss there are not a ton of ingredients since Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl alone takes up more than half of the blend. Over the time we tried the product, 30 days, we did not notice a drastic difference in weight loss.

I can tell you it will definitely give you energy! We took it and …. Wow! Coming in at 200 mg of caffeine, 20 mg of Synephrine, 500mg of Green Tea that typically will have a small amount of caffeine in it and before you know it you are rocking and rolling. Personally for me it was too much while other team members enjoyed the jolt. If you are not an avid stimulant user, I would be very careful. We can not suggest taking the minimum dose because there is not one. You may be thinking, “just take 2 pills instead of 4!” Well lets not forget one thing … If you cut the serving in half to be able to take it … you just cut the dose of all the ingredients in half so now they are no longer at efficacious amounts. For fat loss this is an issue.

We can not wrap up the review without talking about the appetite control. The appetite control is average for thermogenics. It was not extraordinary but you could definitely notice a delay in getting hungry and when it was time to eat we did not feel famished. If we had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say a 7 is a good assessment of where the appetite control would rank.


Price: $35.46 to $46.99 for 240 capsules (30 day supply)

Money Back Guarantee

There was not one listed. This leads us to believe that it falls under the return policy of Looks like you might be able to get store credit. I say might as it does not say how long you have to return the product.


Difficult to find reviews that are not associated with

Bottom Line

Shred Jym dose indeed use full efficacious doses of all six ingredients in the product. We absolutely love seeing this as so many companies use a pixie dusting technique just to get ingredients on the label. Though there are not a lot of ingredients, we do respect the fact that they are at proper amounts. When it comes down to evaluation on the three major benefits of a thermogenic this is what we found … The fat loss was below average, appetite control was average, energy was above average.

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