Shred Her Review

Shred Her ReviewShred Her is manufactured by NLA for her. They claim “Our formula will enhance energy, elevate your mood, and ignite your metabolism, transforming your body into a thermogenic, fat burning incinerator!” When we read that we knew we wanted to give this a review! As you may have seen on multiple reviews, we love when a product is designed specifically for women. I think we can all agree that the male and female bodies are different and when it comes to fat loss … well ladies we seemed to have drawn the short straw. That is ok though, because we can overcome any difficulties with proper nutrition, exercise, and when needed a few supplements to help us.

So lets jump right in and give you our thoughts after a 30 day supply of Shred Her! Shred her is very easy to remember to take. You simply take it first thing in the morning and then 3 to 6 hours later which will land around a snack or meal time. So you are only taking two pills a day. For those who seem to be forgetful or do not like taking pills, this is a positive. Another positive to the product is that the ingredients are reputable and proven. Shred her contains ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Rasperry Keytones, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and of course some caffeine plus a handful of other ingredients.

While taking Shred Her we definitely noticed an increase in body temperature. Nothing to the point of sweating sitting still but to the point that I personally did not need a light jacket at my desk. While working out you will get a good sweat going and keep it going for roughly 30 to 60 minutes after you are done training. That is pretty standard for a thermogenic. For the energy we had mixed reviews. Some loved it while others did not notice the uplift and boost they were hoping for. I do want to note that we did not experience any jitters! So for those of you concerned about jitters, you would not have to worry.

What I would worry about, and the downfall of this product, is the low dosing of ingredients. When I first picked up the bottle and scanned the ingredients I was impressed. When I saw the “Fat Incinerating Matrix” serving as 1,180 mg I was beginning to like this product. What ruined it? The fact that 1,180 mg is for 2 pills, not 1. So in the whole day you get 1,180 mg of Shred Her’s “Fat Incinerating Matrix” … which means you are only getting 590mg per pill. this is where we run into issues again. An effective dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract alone is at a bare minimum 270mg of the high quality form you can get. Raspberry Keytones needs to be dosed from 100-200mg minimum to be effective …. Green Tea Extract is 270 to 400mg … Usnic Acid (Rosemary Extract) 450mg …. this still dose not include the three main stimulants: Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium Extract, and Tuarine. Based on the serving size, these ingredients can not be dosed effectively. Since it is a proprietary blend we can not see the break down of each ingredient which in this case there might be good reason why NLA for Her did that.


$26.49 (on sale) to $34.99 for 60 Capsules (30 days supply)

Money Back Guarantee

Shred Her does come with a 7 day money back guarantee if you order through them. “We at NLA for Her are so confident you will love our products we are willing to offer a 7 day, full money back guarantee once you receive your order from If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your NLA for Her supplements up to 7 days after receiving your order, please reach out to our Customer Service team to express any concern. Our Team is empowered to make sure you find the right product to fit your goals, and to do everything possible to make sure you have the best experience with the NLA for Her product line.”


“I had such high expectations for this product, but sadly, it did absolutely nothing for me outside of making me hot. I used it for 1 month, with healthy eating and exercising (5 days/wk) and still did not have any success.”

“This product is amazing! I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine/stimulants…this fat burner worked perfect for me. I love to have it on hand to use pre-workout or just when I need a boost of energy! No jitters. Just good, clean energy and mental focus to help power through a lifting session. Love this stuff!”

“For me, this did nothing. I had no extra energy, no weight loss, nothing. I workout 6 days a week and eat clean. I was looking for that extra boost but this did not work for me. I took the whole stack and was not impressed by any of it. Trial and error.”

“Can definitely feel a boost when I take this before a workout, which is great. The stack I got Shred Her with has been good.”

Bottom Line

Shred Her does have some positives going for it. The product is easy to take and is only 2 pills a day. It does not seem to give women the jitters and does not upset your stomach. If you are one of the people who respond well to it, it can give you good energy. Purchasing the product is a bit of a gamble though due to many women not noticing a difference and over all mixed reviews. We did come to the conclusion that the ingredients for fat loss are good, but disappointed at the fact they are under dosed. Due to this, and the fact we did not lose a noticeable amount of weight, we would not recommend Shred Her, by NLA for her, as a supplement to help you along a fat loss journey.

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