Royal 21 Queen Review

Royal Queen XXL
After hearing about the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System from several sources, we decided it is time to review it! This Royal 21 Queen Review will include facts, cost, and our personal experience with the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System.

This is the newest fat burning stack from 1st Phorm. Ladies, this is truly a formula designed just for us! We all know about the extra road blocks we face as women compared to men when it comes to weight loss. Unlike most single-bottle thermogenics, the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System includes Royal 21 Queen, T-21, and C-21 . Each product works to help your weight loss goals in its own way. Together, the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System will help boost metabolism, control cravings, boost energy during the day, then help you relax and unwind at night. Because of this, the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System is the most advanced and complete weight loss supplement stack on the market today.

The Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System brings together each and every ingredient shown to be effective for burning fat, controlling cravings, and boosting energy at full, efficacious doses. This means you’re getting the right amount of the ingredients to help you reach your fat loss goal.

The Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System also utilizes Micro-Encapsulated Sustained Release Caffeine Anhydrous. This ingredient is a game changer for me! Instead of getting hit with a huge boost of energy all at once, this ingredient provides a smooth boost of energy that lasts longer than other forms of caffeine. This means you won’t feel a crash mid-afternoon when you use the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System.

1st Phorm not only created a phenomenal product with the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System, they stand behind it with a 110% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with their product, send it back within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, plus an extra 10%.

It also helps that 1st Phorm’s Customer Service staff are NASM Certified Personal Trainers and Weight Loss Specialists. With the purchase of the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System, you receive 5 free hours of personalized coaching. Ours helped create a plan a nutrition and exercise routine that fit our schedule!

How do you take the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System?

You take Royal 21 Queen and T-21 twice daily, at breakfast and mid-afternoon/lunch. Take 1-2 pills of the Royal 21 Queen (start with 1 pill and gradually work your way up to 2 pills per dose) along with 2 pills of T-21. The T-21 you can start right away at the full dose.

About 1 hour before bed, take 3 capsules of C-21.

All 3 products in the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System should be taken 5 days on, and 2 days off. We asked 1st Phorm about this, and they said this ensures you get the same great boost each time without building up a tolerance to the product.


What are the ingredients of the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System? What’s in it?

The ingredients of the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System is comprised of several proprietary blends, broken down into smaller groups of the ingredients in them.

Nootro-Q Blend: TM:

N-Acetyl-Tyrosine: An amino acid that not only helps reduce stress, but also helps improve cognition.

Sulbutiamine: Improves metabolism of carbohydrates by increasing anaerobic function.

Bacopa Monniera (50% bacopasides): Has strong antioxidant properties that enhance focus and improves learning.

DMAE: Increases alertness, focus and mental clarity.

Choline Bitartrate: Helps improve attention span, memory and overall brain function.

CDP Choline: Helps improve attention span, focus, and short-term memory.

Huperzine A: A phytonutrient that improves that focused feel we love from Royal 21 Queen.

Vitality MatrixTM:

Caffeine: Caffeine is well known for its ability to increase your resting metabolic rate, thereby increasing lipolysis of subcutaneous fat cells. Royal 21 Queen uses pure Anhydrous, USP grade caffeine in its formula.

L-Theanine: An amino acid that promotes relaxation. L-Theanine is often paired with caffeine to provide a smooth boost of energy, while reducing the possibility of feeling jittery.

Micro-Encapsulated Sustained Release Caffeine Anhydrous: A form of caffeine that helps provide a sustained boost of energy, rather than all at once. This makes for a boost of energy that lasts all day long.

Theacrine: Found in Kucha tea plant leaves, Theacrine provides a boost of energy, without the nervousness and jitteriness typically found with higher doses of caffeine.

FAC-T BlendTM:

Evodiamine: Helps raise the body’s core temperature and elevating metabolism and reducing fat uptake. The synergy of these effects leads to elevated energy levels and increased fat loss.

Hordenine: Is an excitatory hormone that is lipolytic, so it releases lipids from fat cells to be used immediately as energy.

Higenamine: Part of the Nandina plant that was originally used as an anti-ashmatic, recent research shows its effects to increase fat loss.

Queen ComplexTM:

Damiana Powder: An herb used for centuries to boost energy levels and to treat the symptoms of low estrogen levels, hot flashes, mood swings and depression, as well as the symptoms of menopause. One extra bonus … damiana is a potent aphrodisiac for the female body.

Ashwagandha: This works within the female body to regulate hormone function. Women’s hormone regulation is key to weight loss as it helps manage the symptoms that stand in your way as well as give you an overall sense of well-being while you are making lifestyle adjustments. It also helps minimize water-retention and mood swings, and is shown to positively impact the women’s sex drive.

Can you get a sample of the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System?

While there aren’t samples available of the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System, we feel the 110% guarantee more than makes up for it. We actually think it’s better for the user to actually have a chance to use the products for more than a few days, and still have the safety of a guarantee on the rare occasion something didn’t agree with you.

Any negatives about the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System?

We searched for negative feedback on the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System, and really didn’t find much out there. The most consistent negative is the price of the product. However, many of the products on the market are 1-bottle products. With the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System, you’re getting 3 different products for the price…so while the price appears to be higher; it’s really a good deal, as opposed to piecing together other comparable products on the market. The access to a Personal Trainer also helps justify the price of the product.

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110% Money Back Guarantee Review

1st Phorm stands behind all of their products 110%. They make the best and most effective products and they know they can! They understand when you buy a product that you expect it to work the way they say it will. And you expect to see the results that they promise. They hold their products to those same expectations for you too. They want you to get the results you’re looking for when you use a 1st Phorm product. They believe in who they are and what they do. If you ever feel like they don’t meet these expectations, they’ll gladly give your money back. So much so, they always offer you a 110% Money Back Guarantee on all their products.

Video Reviews

A few Reviews & Testimonial videos on the Royal XXI Queen.

Testimonials – Success Stories

Royal XXI Queen Testimonials – Success Stories

I’m already seeing results 5-star-rating

“I’m so happy I made the switch to the Royal XXI Queen! I’m down 10 pounds and have lost over 2 inches off my waist! I always made excuses, but now the Royal XXI Queen keeps me motivated and accountable with my diet! It really works!!” -Karen C.

Overall energy and mood increased 5-star-rating

“Since I started taking the Royal XXI Queen two months ago, things have changed for the better. I’ve noticed my overall energy and mood has increased. I am actually getting my workouts in and I have the willpower to say no to the sweets much more consistently. I never thought I would get past 10 pounds weight loss and I am actually down 15 today!”
-Tonya N.

I am super stoked! 5-star-rating

“I am super stoked!! Not only is this an awesome product, but the customer support is dynamic. I’ve received several emails, to my many questions regarding, diet, workout ideas, etc. I’m very pleased with this purchase and the benefits so far are top notch.”
-Stephanie B.

I’ve noticed a big change in my appetite. 5-star-rating

“In just a short time, I’ve knocked 8 pounds off the scale with using the Royal XXI Queen. I’ve noticed a big change in my appetite. I am not craving my sweets like cookies anymore. The Royal 21 Queen System is keeping me on track with my plan. My clothes are fitting looser! The energy is fantastic and I am much more productive now!” -Monica N.

My energy levels increased 5-star-rating

“Since starting Royal 21 Queen I’m already down 8 pounds! After hitting a plateau with my results, I knew I needed something to give me an edge. I decided to give the Royal 21 Queen System a shot and I’m glad I did. My energy levels increased, it curbs my appetite and it helps me bust through that plateau! I feel great and love the way I look!”
-Sherri C.

Lost 12 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. 5-star-rating

“I have been taking the Royal 21 Queen System for only 5 weeks now. My energy levels are much better with Royal 21 Queen. I no longer feel like I need to take a nap in the afternoon and my productivity throughout the day has doubled. It is amazing and I have already lost 12 pounds and 3 inches from my waist! The Royal 21 Queen is helping me burn more calories and more fat throughout the day and really helps me stay on track with my diet.” -Taylor S.

I am down 6 Pounds! 4-star-rating

“I currently have been using the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System and I am already down 6 pounds! I feel so much more energized and focused thought out the entire day since starting the Royal 21 Queen System. I work very long hours at my job and coming home and trying to find motivation to go workout was very tough. The Royal 21 Queen was my missing puzzle piece! That problem is now long gone!” -Rachel B.

Nothing short of amazed! 5-star-rating

“I had grown tired of being overweight, and I had really struggled to make the weight come off. I decided to try the Royal XXI Queen Weight Loss System, and I was nothing short of amazed! The Royal XXI Queen System helped me lose 8 pounds and 3 inches off my waist! It made it so easy to have the energy to get to the gym, and maintain my diet even during the usual cravings!” -Sarah W.

Royal XXI Queen works! 4-star-rating

“I have always struggled with weight loss. Never in my life have I been able to diet and see results until I started using the Royal XXI Queen Weight Loss System. I am already down 7 pounds. The Royal XXI Queen works! If I can lose on the Royal XXI Queen you can too!” -Sam G.

I have already lost 15 pounds. 5-star-rating

“I needed something to get me through my day and lost the last 10 pounds before pool season. With the help of the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System, I have already lost 15 pounds since I started using it! My only regret is not picking it up last month. I love it! I am not as hungry throughout the day, and my energy levels are through the roof!” -Heather K.

Just started and already lost 6 pounds 5 star rating

“My husband and I are getting ready for a trip, and we both desperately needed the help. I purchased the Royal 21 Queen Weight Loss System for myself, and I have already lost 6 pounds. I love the boost I have noticed in my metabolism and I cannot tell you how awesome it is to have endless energy! I would recommend the Royal 21 Queen to any female looking to better themselves and just feel great!” -Natalie S.

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