Lipo 6 Black Review

Lip 6 Black ReviewNutrex seems to make changes to or make a completely new version of Lipo 6 about every 6 months to a year. We wanted to make sure we reviewed Lipo 6 Black before it changes again! Like all Nutrex thermogenics it claims to be a powerful weight loss product that will raise your metabolic rate, give you energy while promoting mental alertness, and helping to control appetite. This is great as the majority of weight loss is about taking old habits and forming new, better ones. Whether that is cleaning up your diet, working out with more intensity, or just being more active Lipo 6 Black should help with that.

When you look at the ingredients you will notice that it is a proprietary blend of ingredients. Not the end of the world as many companies do this to protect their formula so companies don’t steal it. there is one minor concern … the blend is 504.5mg … for 3 capsules … Shred Jym was 2.7 grams for 4 pills so over 5 times the amount of Lipo 6 Black. The Commander Go Pack has even more grams than that! Noticing that the blend was so light makes us wonder why it is 3 capsules and not 1 … or maybe 2 at the most. Seems like wasted space and a marketing ploy because you can say 120 pills for only $30.

After trying the product for 4 weeks, I am sad to report that across the board we did not have any fat loss results. The few people that lost weight had such little results that their body fat % barley changed so the weight seems to be water weight. Now the energy was good. No crash, no headaches, no jitters, just a good little boost of energy and uplift in mood. Unfortunately the appetite control was non existent and thirst went up! In all fairness we did not track water intake during this review. We all knot the importance of water and get about a gallon in a day so I don’t we were super low on water.


Price: $29.99 to $39.99 for 120 capsules (20 day supply)
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Money Back Guarantee

Non-existent on Nutrex website.


“Lipo 6 Black gave me great energy and appetite control! Hoping that I will start losing weight though. 3 weeks in and only down 1 pound.” – Matt C.

Bottom Line

Lipo 6 Blachk has one of the cheaper price tags of all the supplements we have reviewed. As you could suspect, that is reflected in the lack of results, the fact it is only a 3 week supply, and weak ingredient blend. There are better options out there for a fat burner than Lipo 6 black.

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