Lipo-6 Black Hers Review

Lipo-6 Black Hers ReviewOver the last 4 weeks we had a chance to try Nutrex’s new thermogenic that is just for women! If you are a women you know that there are not many thermogenics that are out there for us to try. Guys, don’t act like you understand … 99 out of 100 are for you or non gender specific! I will give it to Nutrex that it is refreshing to have a product just for us. Lipo-6 Black Hers highlights the facts it will help with energy, mood (we can all benefit here from time to time), and more rapid weight loss. Nutrex does list out the ingredients and amounts that are suppose to make that happen. This is inters testing as they do not do that with the regular Lipo-6 Black that the guys here tested.

When we jump in to the label you will see that there is 220 mg of caffeine per serving. It is the main stimulant but followed with 40mg of synephrine and 4.5mg of Yohimbine ….. if you have been around supplements a while you know that is a STRONG blend of stimulants. This is a little surprising as women typically don’t handle stimulants as well as men. After trying this product I can tell you that we agree in that statement because the majority of us were jittery, nauseous, or irritable from the stimulant amount. to help in relieving those symptoms we started taking the product with food to blunt the release and response to the product. This did help a little but still had a speedy feeling until about the third week.

As far as appetite suppressant side of things. Worked great! Not sure if it was the fact I felt so ramped up, or if the ingredients really worked but I had no appetite. I did find that as the weeks wore on, I started getting my appetite back. Some of the ladies found they were ravenous after dinner and would go on small binges. Luckily I never experienced that much hunger late at night as the pills wore off. I will also say that in 4 weeks I lost 4 pounds. Which is obviously better than not losing any like has happened with other products. There are also not the best results I have ever earned. I would say it is middle of the pack, average results.


Price: $29.99 to $54.99 for 120 capsules (3 week supply) – It should be noted that we found it crazy how much the price varied. Make sure you shop around if you go with this option. You could be getting ripped off!

Money Back Guarantee

Non-existent on Nutrex website.


After searching many sites that sell this product, we could not come up with reviews. No reviews posted on Nutrex website either.

Bottom Line

Overall we are disappointed in this product. Going in to this we had high hopes as it was designed specifically for women but the jitters and lack of substantial results really but a damper on our spirits. If you are a women who loves high stimulated, strong products and want to use it for energy this might be a good option for you. For ladies like us looking for fat loss help, it is not the best option. The Bliss Go Pack we reviewed is still the best women specific fat burner we have tested and reviewed.

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