It Works Review

It Works ReviewYes, we know that It Works Body Wraps are not supplements. We are reviewing this product because it is marketed as a fat burner, a weight loss tool, and a detox product. Since it is in the market as a fat burner, and our goal is to find the best fat burners while identifying the scams it only makes sense to review It Works.

If you have been on social media in the last few years, the chances are you have had a few of your friends hit you up to buy It Works from them. It Works is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. In a short explanation this means that to achieve success the independent distributor needs to sell wraps and get friends and family to also sell wraps through them, and then those people get reps to sell through them and so on. Now, this is not a review site of business practices so I will move on from there. It Works claims that their wraps will reduce your waist line, improve cellulite, improve the areas you wrap (upper leg, arm, etc.).

Sounds great right! Sure does. I mean if I can just wrap my stomach and lose weight and fat … why would I wake up at 5 am to workout? We went ahead and tried to find scientific proof that the product works, not just look at the billion before and after pictures, and could not find any. We even checked the It Works corporate website and dozens of independent reps pages and came up with …. Nothing.

When trying the wraps we did measure in small but did not experience any lasting results for weight loss or fat loss. So why is it that some people will actually look, or measure in smaller after using an It Works body wrap? Even though It Works disputes it is water weight, but what else could it be? There is no science to support it is anything else. Now, there are also rumors that there can be discrepancies in measuring techniques. Meaning that the distributor does not measure in the same spot or leaves the tape loose on the before measurement and pulls the tap tight on the after. Now here, we measured in the same spot, marked it with a sharpie, and made sure the tape was tight both times during measurement. Results if any were very minimal and with in 48 hours they were gone completely.


$69.99 to $115.99 for 1 box (4 applications)

Money Back Guarantee

Not even close …. “Because our products produce different results for different people, we do not guarantee specific results nor offer a money back guarantee. Please follow the directions with each product you receive.” …. now that shows some real confidence ….


You can find a billion before and afters ….. but none that are creditable for long term results. Yes, some will show inches lost, but there is no follow up 3 days later … a week later. No testimonials are reviews that show substantial results.

Bottom Line

It Works does not work. There is no science to support any of the claims It Works makes. It would be one thing if it did not work because it was under dosed, or low quality ingredients. It does not work because it is not humanly possible to melt fat. Now, deep down inside we all know that … no matter how much we want to trick ourselves into thinking it works or be the person to discover a quick fix. Whether we want to admit it or not, there is no quick fix. We would NOT recommend It Works to anyone.

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