Hyrdoxycut Next Gen Review

Hyrdoxycut Next Gen ReviewHydroxycut is back at it and this time they are bringing Next Gen with them. Due to the good and bad exposure in the media Hydroxycut has been a household name for over a decade. When we heard about this we knew we had to review MuscleTech’s new Hydroxycut Next Gen. This formulation seems to be gender neutral and claims to help in weight loss and give you extreme energy and mental focus. When we were on MuscleTech’s website we did like the lay out of the Hyrdoxycut Next Gen page. Very easy to see the ingredients and read a short paragraph on what they do to help you out.

We purchased and tested the 30 day supply which was 120 pills for $45. This makes it an affordable thermogenic for those just starting out. Now, is it effective? Well let me start with they are not kidding when they said extreme energy and mental focus. With 290mg of caffeine in a serving Next Gen packs quite the punch! For me it was to much. In the later afternoon I would get headaches which I believe is due to being so heavily stimulated and them coming down. I did finish out the month and the few days after I had headaches to the point that I did not workout one of the days as I could not get my headache to go away.

When looking at the other ingredients like Ilex Guayusa, Blue Skullcap, and Ophiopogon Japonicas we found zero research that supports them for fat loss. Which this could be why we did not see any weight loss results with Hyrdoxycut Next Gen. Now, I can not completely discredit Hyrdoxycut Next Gen … they are one of the rare companies to use enough green coffee been to be effective. For that we are thankful but it does not matter as it did not help us lose weight. As always we were following a general, healthy eating routine and working out 4 to 5 days a week. If the ingredients had some more science behind them and clinical studies, that would add much more credibility to Hyrdoxycut Next Gen. Since there are no studies… you can’t know the efficacious dose. So now you have two variables… does this work and if so, how much do you have to take to get those results ….? To many questions and not enough answers about the ingredients.


$44.99 to $59.99 for 120 Capsules (30 day supply)

Money Back Guarantee

We could not find anything on MuscleTech’s website about returning the product …


The majority of the reviews and testimonials are from MuscleTech athletes or people who received free product from MuscleTech.

Bottom Line

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen has a few effective ingredients proven to help with fat loss … but the others do not have adequate science to support their effectiveness for fat loss. One thing we know for sure, you will be energized and borderline over stimulated. Therefore if you are sensitive to stimulants I would stay away from Hyrdoxycut Next Gen. Here is the bottom line, we did not find Hyrdoxycut Next Gen to be effective for fat loss. In our opinion it has more stimulants than most people will want. Be careful!

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