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hydroxycut-hardcoreToday we review the Hydroxycut Hardcore. Our Hydroxycut Hardcore reviews contain the facts, cost, and much more. Hydroxycut Hardcore is another example of a product that has really made a name for itself. Before the FDA banned products containing ephedra, Hydroxycut was the go-to product for fat loss. The main energy ingredient in Hydroxycut Hardcore is caffeine, which is why the label says you need to take six per day. I think you’d have adequate energy if you drank six cups of coffee from Starbucks per day too. That’s an awful lot of pills in my estimation.

If you read Hydroxycut Hardcore label they go on and on about the studies that prove the product works, but personally we have had no success to date with any of our clients losing weight with Hydroxycut Hardcore. Part of the reason is that many of the “proven ingredients” may not be included in high enough doses to mimic what the studies have shown to be an effective dose.

If you have never taken a fat burner before you will notice that you don’t feel as hungry as you normally would. But if you have ever taken a product that has real appetite suppressing ingredients in its formula, there is a noticeable difference. For some reason, I try Hydroxycut Hardcore once a year or so just to see if I am missing something. Because this product is always so popular in magazines and heavily advertised on TV its easy to get caught up in the hype. I have never been overly impressed with Hydroxycut Hardcore and it is almost like Hydroxycut is living in the past with the reputation they built when they had ephedra. In my opinion there are much better products out there than Hydroxycut Hardcore.

A few subjects claimed it gave them painful, burning, bathroom sessions. Let me be clear, everyone is different this may not be a normal symptom for everyone.

Hydroxycut Hardcore makes no claims to help elevate your mood, and nor should they because it does not.


The price range for Hydroxycut Hardcore (60 capsules) between $19.99 – $29.99. It’s obviously not in the same class as the other supplement weight loss products but we picked Hydroxycut Hardcore because of the popularity. Simply put, this is too much money since it doesn’t work. There are better products out there to give you results. There are many products and formulations under the Hydroxycut name.

No Guarantee or Return Policy

No Guarantee or return policy is listed on the Hydroxycut website. That is not to say that your local retailer won’t exchange or refund the product for you if you’re not happy with it, but I would think that since it’s so popular that they would be willing to stand behind it.

Bottom Line

Hydroxycut Hardcore is the most popular fat burner bar-none. It is also one of the most over-hyped, heavily market products on earth. The people at Muscle Tech are marketing EXPERTS, but it seems that’s all they are experts at. It is still an OK product though, it is still better than 98% of the fat burners you’ll find sold on the internet if that tells you anything.

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I took this for energy

I took this for energy, and really didn’t think it compared to other products that I’ve tried. I’m currently taking Lipo-6 Black with some good results. -Mike C.


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