Cellucor Super HD Reviews

Cellucor Super HD ReviewCellucor Super HD is a popular product on the market right now. When we read that is is the “feel good weight loss product … to help you look and feel your best” we knew we had to put that claim to the test. So over the past few weeks we have been trying out Cellucor Super HD to see what the hype is all about. One thing I would like to note, we tried the pill form of the product. Cellucor offers a powder form of the product as well in two different flavors. The ingredients are the exact same. Keep in mind though with any powder, there can be a settling effect and no matter how hard you try, each scoop will not have the exact same amount of ingredients. Is this a huge deal, no probably not, but for testing purposes we did not want an added variable.

When you look at the ingredients of Cellucor Super HD you will see that it is a standard thermogenic. It claims to give you energy, appetite control and help you burn fat. The recommended dose is to take 1 pill with your first meal and then 1 pill sometime around lunch (5-6 hours after the fist does). Now, you can take up to 3 pills in the day so if you are really dropping that is an option. Be aware though that taking 2 Super HD at once is 320 mg of Caffeine. Personally I tried this and was less than pleased at the result. Jittery with a side of nauseousness and irritability. Keep in mind everyone tolerance will be different.

If you stick to 1 Cellucor Super HD at a time it does give you a good little boost of energy. With 160mg of caffeine it feels similar to drinking one of those zero calorie monster energy drinks. So I would base your tolerance for Super HD off of that. Typically energy and appetite control go hand in hand in the supplement industry. Unfortunately, we found that Super HD was lacking a little bit in this category. Did Super HD help curb some cravings sure. But for someone trying to learn new habits and say no to the junk food in the break room … they will need a little extra help here. We found this disappointing as Cellucor talks a lot about the Slimpro (patent pending). Slimpro is a fish peptide that is enriched with BCAA that is suppose to help with hunger, and satiation. Pardon the pun but … seems a little fishy …

Now, lets jump into fat burning properties of Cellucor Super HD. Right off the bat I will just lead with … there are not a ton of ingredients. That is not always bad though. The main importance is having the appropriate amount of an ingredient to make it effective. Since they use a proprietary blend we could not distinguish how much of each ingredient was in there. Since we can not distinguish the amounts, I don’t feel it is right to weigh in on the effectiveness one way or another. I do not want to mislead you or have a false statement. What I can say is that as a group a few of us lost a couple pounds which is nothing earth shattering by any means but does lead to some credibility in the product.


$39.99 to $49.99 for 60 Capsules (3 to 4 week supply)
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Money Back Guarantee

We want to give them a thumbs up here. They have a 100% money back guarantee for purchases returned with in 30 days. I did wish they made it easier to find as it is tucked in the bottom corner it size 10 font. But hey, at least they have a money back guarantee! http://www.cellucor.com/satisfaction

Video Reviews

Most of the testimonials we found are similar to our findings. Good to great for energy … ok to good on appetite control and just ok for weight loss.

Bottom Line

When taken properly Cellucor does live up to the claim of being a “feel good weight loss pill.” Now, it is definitely better at the energy side of things than the actual weight loss. There are better options out there if your main goal is fat loss and earning a leaner physique.

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